Acupuncture - alternative to the needles

Classically, the pathologic points of the pavilion auricular - and the interior dysfunctions that your alteration denotes - they are by means of the insertion of needles of Acupuncture and, in some cases of extraordinary sensibility to the needles, by means of the employment of laser. But for two years it exists a more economic alternative that the laser and that specially sensitive people can use to the needles.

And in fact to speak of this third possibility we contacted Vicente Bagué, graduated in Traditional Medicine China and professor of the Higher Institute of Traditional Medicine of Barcelona that, also, ready your knowledge to a company from Barcelona that have developed a device reequilibrador of the biologically enabled points described by the Traditional Medicine China and for Auricular medicine. We speak of the prototype Protark BAP Harmonizer - that call this way you - and that you are about a recovered plain metallic pointer of plastic whose appearance resembles each other to a marker of those that are used for the underlined of texts.

-Do we have understood that Harmonizer acts on the points of the altered ear, but, how are these detected?
-The procedures that allow to detect the pathologic points on the pavilion auricular are varied. For example, the point is easily detectable as long as you don't behave as those that he/she have around.
And you are that during the pathologic processes he/she always shows up modifications neurovegetatives, physiologic or physical. In short, the case is that the reflective points of the pavilion auricular can be detected in different ways. In the first place, observing if in the ear there is some scaled field and you dry up: you happen this way in some cases of long-term illnesses or chronic. In second place, pressing the different fields of the ear to see if some concrete point hurts and in what measure. If you happen this way reflective the existence of a problem in the related organ. In third, using determined apparatuses that detect the electric reactivity of the points that, when they are altered, they vary your electric normal parameters. And, in room, by means of the alterations that can be perceived when registering the call stand-alone vascular signal.

-How is Harmonizer built?
-I should begin saying that all the elements that compose it were selected, designed and calculated so that they generate a current galvanic ultradébil that act as signal carrier of the pattern of frequencies that the same ones emit. This emitted signal has properties armonizadoras of the biophysical processes and you behave in way actual reequilibrando the points and fields biologically enabled auricular that are altered.

-And how are you used?
-In a very plain way. Once found the pathologic points to try in the pavilion headphone, the therapist - this device is designed so that experienced people and experts of the underlying technique use it - Harmonizer arranges to scarce millimeters of the skin on the altered point and you make small drafts toward the right on him between 30 seconds and one minute. And I will add that although the direct action is exercised on that certain point of the ear, in fact what are being is the interior area with which that point is related.

-And in what type of illnesses has your utility been demonstrated?
-Your effectiveness has been verified mainly in the treatment of functional dysfunctions as the digestive ones and the intestinal ones and in cases of stress, insomnia, anxiety, migraines and neuralgias as well as of muscle aches and articular.

-How many sessions are they necessary to complete a treatment?
-Habitually they are enough with 6 to obtain a good and durable, when not definitive result. Although from the first session it is already perceived improvement of the ailment.
Now then, when they are pains localized in the muscle-skeletal system you suit that the therapist reinforces the action of Auriculoterapia directly by means of the application of the device on the affected field or in the painful points that the patient indicates specifically. In that case you proceeds exactly same: once localised the most painful point to the pressure fair Harmonizer is arranged above, without playing the skin, and you are made turn around that point. That yes, in this case it will be made during between 1 and 3 minutes.

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