You differ between acupuncture and auricular teraphy

And what does Auricular teraphy of the traditional Acupuncture differ?
Because that in the conventional Chinese acupuncture the biologically enabled points are always detectables, independently of the scanned fellow's health status, while the points of acupuncture headphone are only it in illness status.
That is to say, only when an anatomic or functional structure of the organism aborts your physiologic balance some sensitive points they appear in the ear to the pressure that, at the same time, they manifest an alteration in your electric parameters.

In fact the fact that the points auricular only exist in status of pathologic alteration you facilitate that they cannot only be used with a therapeutical intention but also diagnostic sometimes allowing to clarify difficult cases in those that a dark and not very definable symptomatology exists. And if you are certain that "a good diagnostic is half of a cure" you are not room for doubt that auricular teraphy is an alternative that we will keep in mind.

Diagnostic auricular
As we said, when you exist an alteration or pathologic dysfunction in any part of the organism you take place in your corresponding point in the pavilion headphone a change as for sensibility and electric features. Because all organ is reflected in the ear.
The point becomes then painful to the palpation and the pressure and an alteration of your electric conductivity takes place being observed an increase or decrease of your potential regarding the fields located around the same one.
This allows a localization easy of the altered point and to be able to treat him mediating stimuli that correct the pathologic information thanks to the reflective established system from the ear until to the nervous central system and of this toward all the fields of the organism.

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