How to improve the sex and the love in couple?

You enjoy the sex to the maximum
If you suffer symptoms like to enjoy little of the sex, vaginal dryness, or erectile dysfunction, the moment to make love, talvez is very adorned by your concerns or the stress, what prevent to surrender completely at this time so intimate. You search a place in which you are really alone with your couple and the necessary time for not feeling suspended or worried by the time, or the external world.
But if these symptoms stay, you are necessary that you see a physician to know like you can solve those symptoms. Some women can discover that the hormonal replacement can benefit them. Some men need to see to a sexólogo for a more individual treatment.

You surprise your lover with a massage
Give that unexpected pleasure to your couple giving you massages from the head until the feet. Relax it with your hands, with oleums and delicious aromas so that the peace and the tranquility invade it completely. Music soft and delicate help to create the ideal environment. You also allow yourself to take for this moment, and this alone game of hands can be the prelude for the passion.

To take a bath together
Next time that you see your couple in the shower, you enter there and you enjoy the contact, skin with skin with your couple. You enjoy the water on the body, the soap and the lotions on the body. Anoint it on your couple and you let her to make the same thing with you. You transform this into a normal and regular exercise, more than sex, they will be moments of amusement, an intimate moment.

You take some dream vacations
If you have always wanted to enjoy the beach or to scan the field, you search the best offers to be able to end up fulfilling your dream. But if your revenues don't allow it, you think how you can replace that trip for one shorter, or for a romantic exit of weekend. You can be for sure these new "air" will bring new emotions to your relationship. The new scenarios for the sex, are always stimulant in a relationship that the risk runs or that you fell in the monotonicity.

Reenciende the passion every day
The passion is a mental state and physique that he/she need to be revived every day, and overalls the nights. You sexy instead of hoping the suitable moment arrives to hope your partner lights the heat. Make romantic and unexpected things as waiting for it naked under you cover them, or to buy sexy underwear and to scroll for him or her, or to fill the room of candles and with the delicate light to make that this moment is the prelude for an excitant night. Animate it to reinforce the mutual passion.

You change the decoration of your place of love
But before redecorar, you try to delete any extra piece of furniture and you reorder your space. To have few objects, you will make more luminous the environments and you will change the perspective. You add organic objects, like an interior plant or snails in different ways, or also new colors, if you are not able to in the walls, make it with the sheets and spreads, giving a special touch. Put objects that you know that he or she like they, also in other places that are your favorite ones.

You use the power of the aromaterapia and the relax
Making cook to slow fire a pot full with water, cinnamon, nails of odor, nut ground moscada, extract of vanilla, and shells of citric, you can perfume your house in a very good way. The scientific evidences show that that mixture helps to stimulate the libido, besides another type of features as those of the immune system. You can also add aromas like those of the pine and the eucalyptus, accompanying them of candles that you/they help to create a mystic and mysterious environment that you/they stimulate to that the sexual next encounter, acquire an almost "magic" hue.

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