Acupuncture in delivery

In the acupuncture they are used around 400 different points. From among all them, only some are very suitable to treat the dysfunctions characteristic of the woman. The combinations can be different, according to the patient's symptoms.

In delivery, the acupuncture can regulate the contractions, you favor the dilation and to unload the effort. For they are used it two points: the 4 of the large intestine and (in the dorsum of the palm of the hand) the 6 of the Spleen-pancreas (four fingers above the ankle, in the interior part of the leg).

The same point is good to locate the fetus correctly in the event of presentation podálica. The needle is applied in the point that should be stimulated heating it with an artemisa cigarette. This treatment is applied among the week 31 and the 34: the percent of success is of 75%, being avoided this way the resource of the Caesarean.

To alleviate the pain you can puncture and electroestimular (applying an electric soft current) the point 60 of the Gall bladder, among the external part of the ankle and the tendon of Achilles that it produce a sedative great effect and pain reliever.

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