Acupuncture in the menopause

The conventional sofocones, next to the vaginal dryness and to the nervous excitation state that you/they characterize the transit of the fertile age toward the menopause (climaterio), when the ovaries diminish the hormonal production, they can also be treated with the acupuncture.

For it, the meridian of the kidney is used that control the whole endocrine system, integrated by those glands that segregate the hormones directly in the circulatory system.

During the menopause you the production of estrogens can increase stimulating the point number 2 (under the arch of the foot) or the 6 of the kidney (under the ankle): besides mitigating the sofocones, you improve the flow, the shade of the skin and that of the bones.

For the anxiety and the depression they can unite some such points as the 7 of the meridian of the heart (in the doll) and those that are on the forearm.

You remember that each acupuncture session half hard hour, approximately. However, the time invested in the treatment can vary in feature of the different types of problems: a cycle understands between six and twelve sessions, distributed weekly.

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