Benefits of the acupuncture in the gynecology

The acupuncture is a therapy without contradictions, being very advisable when you are not possible to take traditional drugs or you need to decrease the doses. Who are with acupuncture you will be able to solve your problems or, in the worst in the cases, the risk won't run of worsening or of having to face colateral effects of some drugs that are not tolerated by the organism.

On the other hand, the acupuncture is of great utility in the treatment of gynecological different problems. For example, in case alterations take place in the menstrual cycle: menstruation (amenorrhea) absence, menstruation with retardation (oligomenorrhea), frequent menstruation in excess (polimenorrea), blood losses between one and another cycle (metorrhagia) or painful (dismenorrea) menstruation.

You are also suitable to alleviate the premenstrual symptoms, retention of liquids in the tissues, mammary pressure, headache and sensation of edginess that precede to the menstruation.

Also, you are very useful to combat the syndrome climatérico, characterized by hot flash sensations, dryness vaginal, different sleep disorders, sensation of irritability and all those symptoms that, in general, the woman suffers in the hall of the menopause.

In obstetrics you can use to combat the nauseas and the vomits during the pregnancy, to alleviate the shoulder pain, swelling in the legs, hemorrhoidss and chronic cystitis.

After the childbirth it is very suitable in all the questions related with the nursing.

The points more used by your effectiveness from the gynecological point of view, they concentrate mainly throughout the kidney, the organ that, according to the Chinese medicine, you control the operation of the adrenal glands, the hypophysis, the ovaries and the uterus (the points are, mainly two, located around the interior ankle joint of the ankle).

You are also very important a point localized in the meridian of the Spleen and the Pancreas that he/she are four fingers above the ankle, in the interior part of the leg.

For the dysfunctions of the genital feminine apparatus, different points are used located in the meridian of the Gall bladder and (in the shoulder, next to the second lumbar vertebra) envelope the meridian Vessel Concepción (three fingers above the center of the pubis).

To these points they can associate other that intervene in a more direct way in feature of the field to try or of patient's class.

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