You would have originated approximately for three thousand years of China, the acupuncture treats the illnesses inserting in having determined points of the body some sterilized very fine needles of steel. These needles, penetrate to a depth that vary in feature of the field to try, oscillating from some few millimeters until some centimeters.

The origin of the acupuncture portions of the idea that our body is crossed by a network of twelve channels, the meridians, through which the vital, called energy circulates Chi. This energy is formed by two forces in balance, Yin and Yang.

When you are a good balance, Chi the whole body you scan nurturing tissues and the different organs, using the different meridians by way of distribution channels. If Chi cannot flow regularly, an unbalance that make appear the illness take place.

The acupuncture uses determined points (that they are indicated with a number) located to the long of the whole itinerary that the meridians scan: the input of the needles in these points contributes to reequilibrar the flow of Chi, deleting the jam and rectifying the possible lacks or energy excesses.

As for the starts of the effectiveness, in the last years the acupuncture has been studio object on the part of the western medicine: by means of scientific experiments it has been tried to check if this therapy works and by means of what mechanisms.

You have been discovered that stimulating the points pointed out by the acupuncture is induced to the nervous system to segregate chemical (neurotransmisiones, hormones) substances that favor the correct operation of our organism.

According to the point that are stimulated, different areas of the brain are activated of where the signals that will induce to cure the diseased organs leave.

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