Acupuncture - On what is the auricular teraphy based?

The same as the conventional Chinese Acupuncture, auricular teraphy is based on the existence of the physiologic start of the reflection, that is to say, of an ordered answer of the organism to an external pulse or I confine that are processed by the nervous central system.

Because well, in the ear - like in the foot - reflective points that are related with each field, organ, system, apparatus, viscera, etc exist., of the body. And only when a corporal field aborts your physiologic balance they can be detected in the ear points and biologically enabled altered fields that are denoting a dysfunction in the organism. Once detected, what are made is to stimulate them for diverse means - massages, needles, electric, laser currents, etc. With that stimulation, and by means of reflective complicated mechanisms, you are possible to modify and to correct the dysfunctions observed in the organism.

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