How to cure illnesses with acupuncture auricular teraphy?

The Acupuncture auricular teraphy is a therapeutical method and diagnostic that it are based in the existence in the pavilion auricular of some points and biologically enabled fields that are only detected when some dysfunction exists in the organism and whose stimulation an effect that are translated in the improvement or disappearance of the nuisances that you/they suffer the diseased person takes place. You happen this way in cases of functional digestive and intestinal dysfunctions, stress, insomnia, anxiety, migraines and neuralgias as well as muscle aches and articulares. And thanks to a stimulative new apparatus you can already be able to make it without nailing needles and without the costs of a laser.

"The Acupuncture auricular teraphy is, at the same time, as a control panel where the alterations of the organism and a command board are appreciated where, pressing on determined keys, certain alterations" can be corrected. You define this way this discipline the book "The challenge of Auriculoterapia. The man reflected in your ear" written by the physician Victorino Martínez Figuereo.
You are about a technical reflexoteraphy of western origin that date of about 50 years ago and that you were structured, coded and setting to point for the French physician Paul Nogier. With her excellent results are obtaining in the treatment of multiple pathologies.

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