Are the fats indispensable for the life?

No. Contrary to the hydrates of carbon and the proteins, the man doesn't need them for your supercivencia except small quantities of certain essential fatty acids.

Now then, the fact that our energy main reservations stay in form of fat - or lipids, as well as you know them to him - and not, for example, of hydrates of
carbon or glúcidos - the energy main substrate of our organism - you obey your magnificent properties. Among them it highlights your energy high value, because the lipids give nine calories that is to say for gram, more than twice as much that the glúcidos.

However, the calories of these last save a slimming high value, in the sense that they contribute alimentary more mass and they satiate the appetite before having devoured too many calories. A studio fact in the University of Colorado indicates that people that follow rich diets in carbohydrates can eat with more freedom without winning weight. Not it happens similar with the fats.

In front of other components of the diet, the fats have the drawback that they are more difficult of absorbing and later on of metabolizing. This is compensated by your insulating great power of the cold and because, when being stored, they occupy less space than, let us put for case, the glúcidos. These are tremendously hydrophilic that is to say that they absorb water and your storage behaves the parallel buildup of liquid, thing that don't happen with the lipids.

Why do we like to consume fat?
All the rich foods in fats leave a flavor and a tactile special sensation in the mouth that you/they make them almost irresistible. On the other hand, you have been detected that you are people that feel a strange attraction toward the foods with fat. Some scientists postulate that this pulsión could be due to the secretion in the serotonin brain and other neurotransmitters.

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