The risk of being fat

This depends on the fat thing that one are. In the rich countries, where the population enjoys in general of an abundant meal and you follow a sedentary life - today's children is a 40 for 100 less enabled than those of 10 years ago -, the overweight goes accompanied by a heap of pathologies that you/they constitute the main cause of death.

The arteriosclerosis - that is to say, the obstruction and hardening of the arteries -, the hypertension, the heart attack and the diabetes are double frequent ones in the fats. In them they are also fed the drop, the calculations in the blister and the kidney, and, concretely in the obese women, the chest cancer and uterus, the scatter in the menstruation and the infertility.

Due to the overweight that you/they must support, the load articulations, generally ankles, knees and hips, suffer more breaks, artrosis and other damages. When the obese one is lying, the weight of the viscera and the abdominal fat presses the abdomen, what hinder the respiration. This breathing failure can cause the appearance of the illness of Pickwick or syndrome of the sleep apneas that it end up being mortal. Also, the superobesos sleeps restless and they snore. Then, during the day they show a chronic fatigue.

As consequence of the unjust rejection and the discrimination of the society toward the obese ones, these also suffer sometimes psychological serious problems, as depression and low self-esteem.

The last investigations suggest that a modest loss of weight that can oscillate between 10 and 20 kilos (or the 10 for 100 of the body weight) is enough to withdraw the phantom
that some of these wrongs appear.

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