Why do you recover the lost weight?

The statistics speak by themselves: the 95 for 100 of people that have lost kilos after following a thinning régime, sooner or later, they undelete them again. In most of the cases, for not saying in all, the culprit is not the obese one, but the own alimentary régime that you are not adjusted or you don't satisfy the patient's necessities. The failure of the diets conceived to obtain beneficial long term results has been reiterated recently by the participant nutrólogos in a meeting organized by the National Institutes of the Health Americans in Bethesda.

But you are still more. A published studio last month of March for Jules Hirsch, of the University Rockefeller of New York, in the scientific magazine The New England Journal of Medicine, confirms that all the people, so much fat as thin, they adjust the metabolism in a natural way to maintain your own weight. In a group formed by 41 volunteers, Hirsch has checked that, when losing weight, our organism ralentiza the usage of calories until in a 15 for 100, and you accelerate it when putting on weight. "The body equalizes your metabolism making that your muscles are more or less effective when burning the energy", Hirsch says. This would explain why the fats find difficult so much to lose kilos, and, what are more surprising, to win them to the thin ones.

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