As making a hyphen of short footage

Many times we wonder like you begins a short footage, the idea you are plain, everything is focused to the creativity, later the money will come

1.-A conflict that define an or different histories to settle down.

2.-Starting from the history, a narrative structure is believed under the following items: input, position, development and outcome.

3.-To begin with an argument that describe in detail to the characters and the conflict.

4.-To specify to the characters, actions and places.

5.-To detail the order in that the actions are happened.

6.-To divide the actions for sequences: EXTERNAL-DAY, INTERIOR-DAY, EXTERNAL-NIGHT, INTERIOR-NIGHT.

7.-To this description for sequences is added the name of the characters (URSULA, CARLOS) and the specific place where the action (you MARRY, STREET, SCHOOL, LIVING ROOM) was developed.

8.-The features of the characters leave detailing (states of spirit, attitudes, etc.).

9.-All the dialogues are included, for small that are, the character that say them indicating.

10.-They are described the places in that the action is developed detailedly.

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