How to have marked arms

We propose you two exercises so that your arms shine more marked and more feminine. They are really very actual if you practice them at least three times a week, and excellently troops if you make it daily. Train and you will see the results in very little time.

1 triceps extension

- Support a cuff link in each hand. You elevate the arms and maintain them on high enhanced on the head and with the parallel elbows.

- You bend the elbows, sending the weight behind the head. Contracted abdominal Mantén and gluteus and you return the arms to the starting position.

- Make three series of twelve repetitions.

2 biceps invigoration

- Stop with the open legs, following the lines of the width of the shoulders.

- Support the cuff links with the palms up.

- Maintaining the elbows pasted to the sides, you elevate the weights toward the shoulders.

- You repeat three series of twelve repetitions.

Not forget to carry out stretching exercises and after making this activity so that the result is good.

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