Technique of mental relaxation

Nowadays, you are a habitual problem the stress and fatigue due to the biggest pressure in all the activities of the daily life, which are also increased day by day for all.

Hence, we offer you this technique so that you can relax your mind after each exhausting day. Prove it and you will see the results.

- You take a pendulum, or simply a thread with an annulus bundle to one of the ends of the same one between the thumb and the pointer of your dominant hand, and you extend the arm until the annulus is in the center of a circle drawn in a paper.

- Evita any movement that can make oscillate the pendulum in a voluntary way.

- Concentrate and you imagine that, with the pansy, you move the pendulum in the address of the needles of the clock.

Dedicate to this exercise from ten to twenty minutes per day. Not they import that you are able to move the pendulum or not with your mind, the idea is a mental relaxation that release you of the quotidian stress to take place and this way, you help you to be relaxed to sleep or, to continue with your routine.

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