Does your son have the appropriate weight?

In start, you are to define what you mean overweight. This happens, when you exist a bigger weight that the one considered normal for that person.

You are different forms of evaluating the weight of a boy, among them, they are the tables of weight for the age, where the weight is compared from the boy to that age in relation to a population standard. The weight is also evaluated in relation to the size. Another way is by means of IMC (pointer of corporal mass).

In this last case, IMC is calculated in the following way: I weigh in divided kg the height in cm to the square. This method can be carried out starting from the 2 years of age.

An application example: a 6 year-old girl that measure 110 cm and you weigh 25 kg, this is the calculation that you are to make: IMC = 25: (1.1 x 1.1) = 20.6. in this case the result is high for your age.

In the following table, the limiting value is arranged for the overweight:

Age in years male IMC IMC woman
2 18.4 18
3 17.9 17.6
4 17.6 17.3
5 17.4 17.3
6 17.6 17.3
7 17.9 17.8
8 18.4 18.3
9 19.1 19.1
10 19.8 19.9
11 20.6 20.7
12 21.2 21.7

All ésto carries out it the nutritionist or the pediatrician in the clinic, but one should see not only the weight, since it can possess a high weight, but to have a lot of muscle or being of big constitution.

The obesity is an illness that can have genetic or endocrine origin, but you influence that learned in the home very much. If the parents pick and they don't make sport, the children copy the same habits. This carries that the boy gains weight.

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