Natural tranquilizers

The depressive processes and the states of anxiety, are the nervous boxs that more worries. The irritability to skin flower, the susceptibility, the obsessions, the manias and the hyperactivity, they are other nervous manifestations. Also, when difficulty exists to disconnect us of the problems of the day, it can settle the insomnia.

The conventional medicine, offers a varied range of products to calm the ledges and to favor the dream, but your prolonged usage can create dependence.

For luck, the nature offers natural tranquilizers that you/they help to confront the derivative symptoms of a status of nervous pressure without any risk.

When pressure exists, the muscles contract or they shorten. This contraction, also affects to some ledges, and with it to all our general state, since half of the ledges of the human system they are used to alert to the muscles or to take furniture to the brain.

The nervous activity is of electric nature, you reflect to the long of the muscles like a wave with a high download level. When this level increases, a nervous high pressure exists and the muscle can be rigid.

Because the circuits nervous humans don't have self-operating regulators, neither with signals that they alert us of the excess of pressure that we support, most of us you maintain your nervous potential from a constant way to a very high level, this chronic loading is the one that can produce detrimental many side effects.

The excess of nervous pressure comes accompanied by an excess of muscular pressure, still when this is caused for via mental. If we learn how to perceive our muscular pressures and to be the sufficiently sensitive ones as to regulate them, we could not prevent the physical illnesses and the emotional states wanted.

Our system is endowed by nature, of a tranquilizer that we should get used to use: the relaxation. To get it through the yoga, the chi kung, or the Thai chi, among other disciplines, you are very actual.

The conventional medical treatments, don't eradicate the cause of the illness. That makes you are to combat the symptoms, leaving open the possibility that the problem can reemerge in the future. The suppressive medicines of symptoms inhibit more than they stimulate the curative capacity of the organism.

The natural treatments, on the other hand, allow us to be treated of the illness without being submitted to the colateral effects that most of the remedies take place. Many vitamins and other natural substances don't only help to delete the pains and the symptoms, but also, they correct the causes that give origin to the psychosomatic problems.

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