Infantile obesity - periods of the development

They exist three periods in the development of the infantile obesity and they are the following ones.

1 - during the gestation and the first year of life

In the pregnancy, the mother should take care of not increasing more than 10 kilos. This doesn't mean you to make a diet hipocalórica. For this reason he/she seeks advice to eat with moderation the four foods of the day. To choose milky for the calcium, flesh for the iron, tuna for the omega3 and vegetables for the folic acid. Also, you are elementary that the future mom makes physical activity during the pregnancy.

As for the baby, you are convenient to give you of suckling until the 5 or 6 months to nurture it appropriately. Also, you are proven that who were fed to chest, they have less overweight than those that you/they were fed with formulas. You are transcendent in this stage to go educating them from your cries and not to give you of suckling otherwise every time that cry, in the future, you will treat your pain eating. In the case of not being able to give you of suckling, an appropriate milk should be chosen to the age and not to add you sugar. You are to also keep in mind that when the baby doesn't want more milk, you should not be insisted so that you end the bottle. This doesn't only avoid that you gain weight, but rather from tiny he/she already knows inwardly when you are hungry and when to say coarse.

2 - during the 5 to 7 years

In the first place, you are important that the boy grows well increasing muscle and diminishing the fat. For that it should be stimulated to carry out physical activity, either games or a sport in particular. You are significant that they are put borders from small. This will benefit the parents and the boy. You are to avoid to prohibit the good and bad foods, because you are the union of the whole diet that make that one is well or not well fed. You should be motivated, taking it to make the purchases with the parents, and to that choose fruits and vegetables. The vegetables and the fruits can be blended with foods that they like. For example, you pasture with vegetables, mashed potatoes with zapallo, sándwich with tuna and tomato, etc. You should remember that the portions should be small and they can choose milky descremados but to avoid the dietetic foods. People that are about controlling the intake of the children with prohibitions and remunerations, make the children not to differentiate the hunger of the appetite.

3 - during the development pubertal or adolescence

In this stage, the boy with overweight can suffer low self-esteem for the jeer of your partners, for that reason always it should be stimulated and to see the positive thing that he has. The family support is main. You are to keep in mind that to lose weight it is necessary to follow a treatment and as all treatment, you leave little by little, carrying out positive changes for a healthier power supply.

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