Effects of working a lot

Some of them are:
- Ambitious worker.
- you fight merciless.
- imposition.
- Competitive worker.
- necessity to feel higher.
- Blamed worker.
- you boost of work as ethical imperative.
- Insecure worker.
- continuous and anxious search of approval and self-esteem.
- Isolated and solitary worker.
- professional relationship as substitute of interpersonal relationship.

Those affected by this type of personality are characterized for:
- Constant implication for an excessive and relatively chronic fight to get a limitless number of attainments in the possible smallest time.
- They are people perfectionists.
- Constant impatience. They want results in an immediate way.

Concretely six characteristic features are pointed out:
- Obsessive interest to get objectives.
- I want of competing.
- Necessity of social recognition.
- Proclivity to accelerate the run of any task.
- State of physical and mental alert.
- Apparent implication in multiple activities to constant term.
These features coincide with the profile from the addict to the work.

Labor life.
- Generally accepted.
- Big performances.
- Labor responsibility and occupation above your studios.
- dissatisfaction and insecurity.
- Attitude perfectionist and competitive.
- Any amusement = exhausting career.
- Requirement of labor command applied to the leisure.
- Hazard of entertainment lack and extra labor occupation.

See the features of the pattern of behavior type TO, you are patent that your likenesses with those of the addicts to the work are not clear the relationship.
In both cases the possibility exists of suffering a coronary artery disease.

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