Love among animals

The heart is an animal informer. The energy excess, the carefulness concentrated on a couple, the obstinate persecution and all the sweet lametones and nibble you that the foxes are devoted to each other, they remember without a doubt to the romantic love of the humans. And the foxes are alone one of the many species that show romantic aspects... "For that reason, I believe that the animals love."

Did you write in your book "why we love?" the American noted anthropologist Helen Fisher who to understand that madness, blessing, illness, chemical illumination or instinctive fire that feel the humans for a couple scanned in the etología: the experimental psychology that he/she study the behavior of the animals. And the prejudices cientificistas didn't tame it.

These had always fallen until against selfsame Charles Darwin, the author of the theory of the evolution, to defend the idea 'irrational' that the animals feel affection.
In an article, Darwin wrote once on a female of actual duck: You were evidently at first sight about a case of love because she swimed toward the recently arrived sweetly... with advances of affection. Charles sustained that the birds fall in love some of other and that animals of higher species share passions, affections and similar emotions, even the most complex, such as the jealousies, the suspicion, the emulation, the gratitude and the magnanimity.

The most appreciable studios on the topic have published them the German etólogo Vitus Dröscher. In your book "The loving life of the animals" took from of box and triangle to the most rationalistic:
What ignorance of the authentic difference between man and animal! The difference resides in the mental domain, in the highest level in your linguistic capacity and in your capacity to transmit to the descendant your knowledge.
The feelings are of domain common of the higher animals and of the man. In fact, in the universe of the feelings we are, rather, below many animals, including in this--unfortunately--the section of the love.

Drösher was bad beyond the good, the instinct and the: The sentimental universe of the animals has a much rewind force.
The measurements of the curves of the cardiac and cerebral currents demonstrate that your feelings burst in a more abrupt way, they reach higher values and they also disappear with more speed and without reminiscence.

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