How does to make weigh to mark muscles and strong being?

If what are interested is to have a wide arm and full with veins and ledge you should make this type of weights to those that I simply call BAS" (Wide Saturated Arm):
Sat down on a seat you catch a weight from 5 to 7 Kilos and you extend of below up the arm going up the weight and without moving the alone body the arm with which you/they are being carried out the weights. Visible results and guaranteed in 2 weeks or 2 and a half weeks.

To part of knowing where to paste is necessary you force and all but more good, ready carefulness to the type of weights BOM! (Arm Ostiador Maximum):
Alone you owe a to catch a weight of 5 Kilos and to stand up, you move the weights as if you pasted punches to somebody and make sessions of 20 weights and you change, when you take 40 weights with each arm (2 sessions with each arm) you rest during 5 minutes and you return to the action, you are not good to make extensive sessions of weights of this type, the muscles that got wider and to win bigger performances is the PECTORAL, BALL and ARM in general. The results will be visible in some 3 or 4 weeks but you should exercise the arms this way at least some 22 times to the day distributed during the whole day and to continue making weights of this type during 4 months to part of the 4 weeks to accumulate something of force in your arm.

A lot of people that make pulses believe that you force you of the pulse you determine a fight and this is not certain, but if you want to be a great player of pulses I recommend you the weights RM-1 (Break of Doll in 1 minute):
Sat down on a seat you catch a weight of 3 Kilos (as maximum) and the bottom up doll moves catching the weight, or you extend the arm until the end of a table and you go up the bottom up weight to get a bigger result, the results will become visible in 3 weeks but or less, but you remember that you should exercise the doll every day a 120 times to the day like minimum.

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