How to take a astral trip?

You are necessary to use technical of respiration preferably "pranayama" that induce us to relax ourselves. A very plain form consists on taking air in an alternating way for the nasal graves. For we will inspire it and we will expire first for the right side, later for the left one and so forth. You are to maintain that respiration during five minutes.

Being lying or inserted in the bathtub, with the palms of the directed hands up, we will concentrate on the diverse parts of our body, noting as little by little this you leave making very heavy. We will begin that work with the feet and we will go ascending slowly until arriving to the head.

In this state when we are very relaxed we should imagine an immense space of white or black color where were floating an object, to which we should come closer little by little and to feel like we float his around. Another technique simply consists on concentrating on some abstract concept as the immortality or the infinite. In the moment that we begin to note a sensation of sleepiness, we should imagine a blued wave that you extend to our feet. This beautiful light wraps us slowly at the same time that your warmth leaves making present, this you are the moment to leave our body through the brows. If we cannot get it this way, another form consists on to display to our double and to transport us inside the one. The sensations at this time can be very diverse, but mainly pass what happen, is to continue relaxed. Not despair if you don't get it at first o'clock. You remember that this technique, as any other, precise practices and training. It can also begin exercising the yoga or the momentous meditation. That they are exercises by means of which it can also be possible to carry out the astral trip. In all ways the plainnest way is through the dreams. For it it is only necessary to use the part of the dream in that we are aware that we are dreaming...

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