How to alleviate the dizziness of the trips

Many times during the trips in bus or in ship, an indefinite sensation of uneasiness is usually experienced and of blank, accompanied by paleness, perspiration, cold and nauseas.

All these symptoms are characteristic of the dizziness or vertigos that consist on a dummy movement sensation or of draft that can be momentary or to last different hours and until days.

The sensation of dizziness can be a symptom of other illnesses like ailments and auditory infections, gastric problems, hypertension, and other.

The dizziness usually affect most often the pregnant ones, children and old men.

We offer you a list of advice, so that you can manage this class of status.

- If you will travel, you don't make it with the too blank, but neither too full stomach.

- Locate you in the front seats and you take the open window. Concentrate on the road or in the horizon.

- Evita to vacuum strong odors as odorants, foods, tobacco plant, etc.

- In a ship, arrange you in the center and as much as possible in the external part of the craft.

- Not read during the trips and you try to amuse.

- A digitopuntura center is the mouth of the stomach that you can press until they give the symptoms.

- You masticate fresh sheets of mint. The infusions of chamomile or of fennel they are also good to counteract the dizziness.

- A homemade remedy; you consist on sucking a cube of ice. This usually alleviates nuisances.

- You always take saliferous cookies and some gaseous queue.

- The medicines antihistamínicos are actual, whenever you are not forced to drive, since they produce drowsiness.

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