Stiffness in the neck

Maybe the stiffness in the neck, is the most common symptom in these days, since few people escape to the pressure of the pressures that, inevitably, they begin to lodge in that so sensitive field.

Of course that obvious causes exist so that this happens like accidents, drops or arthritis, but here we will center ourselves in those that affect most of people: tense emotional and wrong to sleep, habitually merged and that they feed the one to the other one.

To prevent you of this uneasiness, have present the following advice:

- In the event of having neck pain, the heat is your first ally: 20 to 30 minutes newspapers can make a lot for you. But also voucher as prevention, if you use the hot water of the shower leaving it during at least five or ten minutes a day, you will be a method of very effective prevention. The only caution in not using heat if the stiffness is been of a lesion, because then this will increase.

- You should train the whole field of the neck so that you stay descontracturada in great measure. Every day, at least three times, you move your head carefully from one to another side, looking above the right shoulder while you count up to five, and then making the same envelope the left shoulder, repeating three times these movements in each practice.

- You close the windows from your bedroom when going to bed. A cold air, is a silly but notorious cause of stiffness and pains in the neck. The cold breeze blowing on you, he/she can put under an obligation to make comfortable in a strange position that inevitably will cause you the stiffness.

- You use suitable pillows to rest well. Maybe, you be you comfortable to lean back on two or three pillows, worse you are not good for the neck. The option to offer to your neck a good support without pushing your head toward before, you are a plain and soft pillow of feathers or you fill of barley shells. You are also, orthopedic good pillows; they should have the hollowed centers so that they support the neck and the head rests comfortably.

- You are important also that forget the armchair. Many people have for habit to grow drowsy / when not directly to make a nap) on an armchair or sofa, which don't provide enough I space neither correct support to sleep. In fact, if you don't use the bed you are preferable to go to bed in the floor.

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