Swelling for retention of liquids

To many people it happens you for stages that come to swell your fingers, legs or stomach, and the reason can be the retention of liquids.

The causes are for example that if sodium exists of more in the body, the blood becomes more saliferous and then it extracts the water of the cells to dilute it. The steroidal medicines can also produce it.

To prevent this problem, you follow these advice that we prepare for you:

- Evita the foods scrap. These foods also bring you sobreingesta of sodium; you circumvent the fritters you liquidate, very seasoned pizzas and prepared foods, besides those that have the hidden salt, as stiffenings for salad, cereals and canned soups.

- Put on in movement, you are fundamental to counteract the effects of the retention of liquids. To walk, to walk in bicycle, or to play tennis, they are activities that you/they help to pump the water and other liquids that could have been stagnated in your legs and ankles.

- Not recharge your legs. So that they are not swelling the calves, you elevate your legs some minutes every day, going to bed in front of a wall and supporting your legs there forming a wide "v", and calmly breathing.

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