Ying yang - Medicine Chinese alternative

The Chinese medicine admits that all that exist in the nature this formed of Yin and of Yang, opposed, but complementary forces, acting some on other and in perpetual movement. The birth and the increment, the transformation and to all the beings' destruction and of all the things they are based on the start of the continuous mutation of Yin of Yang.

Yin and Yang, are therefore, the origin of the transformation and creation of all the things, of all the beings of the Universe. In medicine, the organic activities, the appearance and disappearance of the illness are also bound to the mutation phenomena Yin Yang whose main characters are the opposition and the complementarity. The Chinese old philosophers called "nadidad" to the prevalent state previous to the creation of the Universe. You knew it to him with the name of WU-CHI. Nobody knows with surety that are this, neither of where you come.

This reality cannot be understood rationally; your existence is axiomatic.Everything in the universe, including Yin Yang evolves in continuous way of this imperceptible font. Lao Tse calls it TAO. In I CHING you the flame T'AI CHI. Yin and Yang are opposed complementary that unite to form an everything. Although they are opposed they maintain a harmonious relationship among them.

For example where you are day you should have night and where you are night you should have day; the day is Yang and the night is Yin. The relationship between the day and the night is opposed that of two, nevertheless that which you/they coexist mutually and they are inseparable as the faces of a currency. The features of Yang are the heat, the movement, the force centrifuges; while the cold, the still and the centripetal force are characteristic of Yin. The beginning of a movement is the birth of Yang and the end of the same one is the birth of Yin.

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