How to live more than 100 years

Thomas T. Pearls, Beth's medical geriatrician Israel Deaconess Medical Centers of Boston, United states, you have dedicated these last years to gather information on approximately 1500 Americans that have something in common: all have already turned at least 100 years of age.

Evidently that this whole work has taken to general conclusions that allow us to deduce some reason of the age of these people. They are the following ones:

- In the first place, centennial studied people are usually much healthier of what one could think, because they maintain far to those devastating illnesses until the last years of your lives.

- Most turns out to be exceptionally good in the handling of the stress and in the interaction with other people. Even those that have not never married and they are alone. They are full with good humor and they are very sociable. Basically, they are very happy people and optimists.

- Pearls and your colleagues, they have discovered that these centennials possess a small handful of genes that you/they allow you to arrive to that age. The investigators hope a biotechnology company with which have associated, investigate these genes.

- Although Pearls has met with some fellows that arrive to the 100 years in spite of to smoke and to take a rich diet in fat, for this investigator, these are exactly those in those that one supposes that they really have a spectacular genetic material working.

- On the contrary, the great majority of the fellows studied by Pearls, they have never smoked, few drink in excess and although any diet in particular seems to assure the longevity, the obesity is not part of the life of these people.

- In the years that it take studying the topic, the physician Pearls has found enough curious things. For example that one of each five women that arrive to that age, has had a son at least after the 40 years (only 5% of the women in the general population has children after that age). For this investigator, the late maternity it is a sign that the body is aging very slowly.

- Lastly, Pearls has been able to observe that the longevity is hereditary. You have demonstrated that a person with a brother or sister centennial, almost has five times more possibilities to arrive, at least, to the 91 years. What are not a little.

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