Prevention of the overweight in the childhood

The variety, the control in the power supply and the physical activity, they are key in the prevention of overweight.

The childhood is an ideal stage to learn how to eat, to choose the foods appropriately, to sit down correctly in the table with the family, to masticate each mouthful well, and this way to be able to be well nurtured and with energy.

You are who they worry because your children are with overweight and they put them to régime. Not it is necessary to despair, since that indicated is that the boy doesn't download more than 200 grams per week. Equally, each case is particular. Not it is necessary to carry out diets hipocalóricas.

You are momentous in this stage to give the example to the children. If one eats to untimely moments and you don't exercise, that is what the boy goes and you learn.

The children when having a high metabolism download quick of weight, but one should notice more in that grow well that they diminish the fat and increase the muscle. This is achieved stimulating them with activity or games and carrying out a varied diet.

You are to keep in mind that the children, they should almost eat ¼ of the portion of the adults.

You are convenient that the whole family supports the boy, stimulating it and not criticizing it if you ate something of more.

You are good that you know that all ésto is to learn how to eat and not because you are a régime to get off weight.

You are to give you time so that you eat. Not it is necessary to demand you to end the plate or the bottle.

You seek advice to incorporate new (vegetables) foods little by little together with those that the children like it.

You should also register what the boy ate every day, this way him same he can observe and to improve your habits.

Of course that should be capped the goodies completely.

The family support, the dialogue, the physical activity, the daily control of what ate, the input of different types of foods, makes that the development and the boy's increment is normal for your age and you get this way off weight.

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