Thinning diet for children

Nowadays, the infantile obesity is a very common problem in our society. For ésto, we propose you a diet for children.

Breakfast: yogurt with 1 cup of cereals light.
Lunch: tuna with tomato salad and onion. Of dessert, strawberries with juice of
Snack: milk dietetic chocolatada with 2 vanillas.
You have dinner: 2 cups of mostacholes with sauce of vegetables. Of dessert pineapple.

Breakfast: milk with two toasts with cheese and sweet of low calories (without edulcorating agent).
Lunch: Milanese to the oven (120 g) with potato to the oven (girl) with shell, cheese and
broccoli. Of dessert a peach.
Snack: smoothie of fruits and 2 cookies to the water with cheese.
You have dinner: stew of lentils. Of dessert, a tangerine

Breakfast: milk chocolatada with 3 cookies of vanilla with cheese.
Lunch: chicken to the oven with carrot salad, chauchas and egg.
Snack: smoothie of fruits with having toasted of cheese and tomato.
You have dinner: choclo pudding with dietetic tomato sauce. Of dessert, salad of fruits.

Breakfast: cereals with milk and fruits (1 cup).
Lunch: sándwich of homemade hamburgers with cucumbers, tomato, carrot, onion and
lettuce. With potatoes, zapallo and roasted (1 cup) sweet potatoes of dessert, an ice cream
stick of water.
Snack: milk with bread with cheese.
You have dinner: cannelonis of vegetable with white dietetic sauce. Of dessert brochette of

Breakfast: cocoa with milk and 2 vanillas.
Lunch: you pasture tri-colored with ribbons of pepper, tomato, carrot and onion. Of dessert
salad of fruits.
Snack: milk with 2 toasts with dietetic marmalade.
You have dinner: queue to the oven with vegetables to the vapor. Of dessert, mousse light.

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