Sex and love in the animals

In fact one of the pioneer studios in this topic arose of the academic incredulity. In 1970, the professor Frank Beach, of the Zoological Institute of the University of California, was annoying with your wife because you counted you your dog's affective aptitudes Jacku, of race beagle: how you rejected those that we would say in the common language 'more dogs', promiscuous and easy, and you preferred the dog 'more brilliant' and special. Beach found stupidities following the maxim that the alone animals move for the zeal.
But you decided to make experiments rigorously scientific that left in ridiculous to your wife. The results left it ridiculous to him. (In your book "The hidden life of the dogs", Elizabeth M. Thomas sustains with multiple cases that "these they give samples of a romantic" great passion).

Starting from these advances. Drösher deepened in the biggest discovery in the up-to-date etología: "The pulse of reciprocal" sympathy that interact with the sexual instinct and that of aggressiveness.

Naturalistic Hope Ryden wrote your observations of beavers in your book Lily's" pond: The emparejamiento is based on such a mysterious attraction as powerful that are not related with the immediate necessity of copulating.
In these animalitos he/she has been able to analyze the instinctive fondness. The biologist Lars Wilson expanded: During the day they sleep curled up one next to the other one and at night they are searched to be brushed mutually, or they feel very together and 'they speak' a while using special contact sounds whose shades and alone hues can be expression, from a human point of view, of intimacy and affection.

You are known that the porpoises swim in tandem, one above the other one, being caressed and moving the lips in the couple's delivered mouth. And that the brown bear brings closer your muzzle and you puff in the ear of the female, imploring your congratulations. Helen Fisher has shown symptoms of loving illusion in the elephants that lose the appetite and they are obsessed.

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