Medicinal plants Vs. Antidepression medications

In the western culture, the antidepression medications figure between the prescribed medicines and the most difficult of discontinuing for the addiction that you/they generate.

The depression is an illness whose grade of complexity oscillates more or less from a fleeting until a depressive serious state.

The usage of some antidepression medications has side effects that go from the headache, until the decrease of the libido. Mouth dryness and ullage of articulation can also appear in the vision.

The natural alternatives for these problems are:

- The medicinal plants that favor the sanguine irrigation, alleviating the depression, I eat the ginko and the vicapervinca for example. These manage the state of spirit, the concentration, the memory and they diminish the irritability and the headache.

- The plant to treat the depression is par excellence the hipérico.

- The practice of the yoga is also a good treatment to combat the depression. You help to relax himself, to take contact with the reality and to find you a sense to the existence.

- Another clearly favorable factor, is the occupational therapy. You act as an element disuasorio of the excessive concern for oneself.

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