Technical relaxation Taoist: Respiration of the bones

The Taoists recommend to relax themselves once from a complete way to day, and they suggest this relaxation exercise that you/they name "respiration of the bones."

- Go to bed turned, with the lightly separate feet, the arms near the body and the palms of the hands turned up.

- Mantén the closed eyes and you harmonize your respiration. When inhaling, you imagine that you absorb fresh, very clean air that you full with vitality and you energize you. When exhaling, you imagine that all your toxins abort your body.

- While you inhale, you imagine that the air enters for the fingers of the feet and you ascend throughout the bones of one of your legs until your chest. While you exhale, you imagine that the air descends of the chest again, throughout the leg and you leave for the toes. You repeat this sequence three times in each leg.

- Next, you imagine that the air ascends for the hand and the arm, until the chest and the head. In the exhalation, you continue mentally to the air that descend for the arm again and you leave for the hand. You repeat this sequence three times for each arm.

- When you dominate each individual sequence, you will be able to associate the respiration at the same time with the two arms and the two legs in same lapse. You experience when carrying out this exercise how they rest your body and your mind.

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