Care of the use of pacifiers

It is likely that when the baby break to mourn with the full force of his lungs, the mother was asked several things: Why are you crying? What will? ¿Hunger, thirst, cold, heat? Is it wet? Does it hurt the pancita? Only the tranquility and balance will help to properly interpret the cries of her son. But in addition, the pacifier may be the magic remedy capable of calming the tantrum and crying inconsolable.

To take into account
The purchase of the pacifier should be done with certain considerations:

• The materials used should not be toxic.

• Measures must be large enough to prevent the child will drown while attempting to swallow. The drive must be of a diameter not less than 40 millimeters.

• The ring must have enough thickness to allow out easily if the baby has swallowed more than they should. Some pacifiers lack of this ring, which implies a risk.

• The nipple should not be too long to not irritate the throat or hinder breathing: 30 millimeters is a good limit. There is no anatomical dummies deformed jaw.

• The disc or flange must have at least two holes for ventilation of half a centimeter: This is a core requirement.

What care must be taken?
• Avoid attach to the neck of the child (subject to adjustment cord and causing suffocation).

• sterilized by boiling for five minutes.

• discard it and replace with another when the teat is deteriorating.

• No untarlo with sweet honey and causing serious damage to teeth.

• Choose the right size for each age.

• Do not use it beyond the two years to prevent dental malformations. Each mom will free rein to their imagination and arming the ceremony of farewell to this ally.

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