Autogenic training: Self-relaxation

One of the techniques known autorrelajación more concentrated, the effect occurs with short and clear formulas.
Autogenic means self-generated, and the term indicates that its practical training takes time and dedication periodically. The exercises are progressive, producing overall balance of the body and help fight psychosomatic illnesses.

Feeling the weight of the body
1. It takes the position of the driver, sitting, and the forearms resting on his knees, his head is tilted forward, shoulders and neck are relaxed.
2. Tell yourself mentally and slowly, the following sentences. Repeat three times in succession:
3. I am calm and relaxed.
4. My right arm is heavy and very warm.
5. Concentrate deeply on his right arm and feel how warm and weighs more and more.
6. Repeat the following phrases:
7. My left arm is heavy and very warm.
8. My arms are heavy and are very c ustomers.
9. Do the same
with the right leg and also with the left. Repeat the phrase:
10. My arms and legs are heavy and are very hot.
11. Feel the effects.
12. Staying relaxed and sitting for three or four minutes.
13. Finish the exercise by counting backwards from ten to one.
14. Keep your arms tight.
15. Breathe deeply, open your eyes and stretch.

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