They find virus that delete the brain tumors

According to the magazine Neuroscience, a group of American scientists has discovered a virus that reproduce genes specialized in the location and deletion of brain tumors in mice. But also, and one of the most important aspects is maybe that those genes leave virtually intact the healthy tissue and they center your attack exclusively in the cancer-causing cells.

According to the investigators of the School of Medicine of Yale, the technique to guide that activity of the virus, identified as "cystic stomatis", you could open the way to a new treatment for the brain cancer in human. "The studio shows that the virus can penetrate in the brain where you arrive until the cells that they have migrado taking away from the main" tumor, Harald Sontheimer, oncologist of the University of Alabama you said.

The scientists injected cancer-causing cells in the rodent ones and later they implanted the virus. By means of fluorescent proteins they saw that this was disseminated leaving to your step a trail of dead cancer-causing cells. The scientists pointed out that the virus didn't attack normal cells neither other human cells implanted in the brain of the mice.

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