Skin reactions in the sun

The human body reacts in different ways against solar radiation, and this reaction depends largely on skin type:

• Skin type 1: (very fair skin, many freckles, blond hair, clear or red) heat stroke, there is usually brown.

• Skin type 2: (fair skin, light hair): Sometimes you get a sunburn, with adequate protection always tans.

• Skin type 3: (clear skin without freckles): sometimes sunshine, with adequate protection always tans.

• Skin type 4: (light brown without freckles, dark brown or black hair) is never a sunstroke, always tans even without any protection.

The ideal is to seek information from a dermatologist or pharmacist about the time of sun exposure that can withstand our skin, and the types of protective cream or lotion and the protection factor is needed.

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