You are named diarrhea to the expulsion of feces of liquid or doughlike consistency, generally associated to an increase in the number of the sedimentations throughout 24 hours.In the diarrhea eciste always an acceleration of the intestinal transit, associating in having determined cases an intestinal faulty absorption and even an exaggerated hypersecretion of your mucous glands. Now then, an acceleration of the transit of the small intestine can exist if diarrhea. You are it due to an offset on the part of the colon that can raise the time of permanency of the fecal materials, until your due dehydration in that. From the clinical point of view, we can classify the diarrheas in three big groups: dummy diarrheas, acute diarrheas and chronic diarrheas.

In the dummy diarrheas, when describing the jam fecal, determined types of constipation they can cause an expulsion of feces of doughlike or liquid consistency, with increase of the number of the sedimentations, what could be confused with a diarrhea.

The acute diarrheas, are characterized by your sharp presentation in totally healthy people. Not they have anything of specific, since they can be many the lawsuits that provoke them. The acute diarrhea generally takes place for the food intake in malas conditions: already for bacterial toxins in the same ones, already for bacterial contamination. In other occasions, you are the same energy the one that can be toxic, as the ingestion of certain species of mushrooms. For some patients, the allergy toward having determined foods can be the unchaining lawsuit d euna acute diarrhea. Finally, we should also remember that an excessive power supply with the help of irritating foods or of excess of drinks, it can be the lawsuit of an acute diarrhea.

When the lawsuit of the diarrhea has been the food intake in mala conditions, the first symptoms appear at the few hours of having ingested them, being noted general uneasiness, with sensation of tightness inside the abdomen. Later, pains appear in retorcijo form, indigestion sensation, frequent eructation, with repetition d ela eaten constituent of the diarrhea, accompanied by a revolting state and even of vomits. Little depsués, the patient notes you win imperious of evacuating and you make it ejecting great quantity d egases, with doughlike feces at the beginning and flowed later, of very bad odor.

In the light cases, the vomits disappear quickly, but I didn't seize the pains coliculares and the desires of to evacuate that persist during 24 or 48 hours, ending up making up to 10-12 up-to-date sedimentations. The general state doesn't usually lose temper.

In the cases of average graveness and in the serious ones, the general state loses temper. Fever that he/she can go appear preceded of intense chills. The pains in retorcijón form are almost made contínuos, and the number of sedimentations, abundant, being ejected at the end some totally watery and odorless feces. This produces a great dehydration, with forfeiture of weight that oscillate between the 8 and 12 kilograms.

In the serious cases, the face is sharpened, coldness of the extremities, the pulse exists you become dilatory and taquicárdico, with great trend to the colaspo. If the diarrheal box persists, very annoying cramps can appear in the calves and the patient case stops to urinate. The number of sedimentations can be so considerable that neither the sick person neither the relatives know how many you have made in the 24 hours; you generally take place a great irritation of the rectum and of the anus that determine some continuing and very annoying desires of having to evacuate continually.

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